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"Trauma can affect any human being at any given moment, and there are some that are at greater risk simply due to the nature of their occupation. Military service members, law enforcement officers, fire fighters and first responders fall into this category due to the stressors and requirements of their job. However, there are some specific populations of people, who may be exposed to trauma at particularly high rates or be at increased risk for repeated victimization, such as women, children, those with special needs, and the homeless. For some populations, co-occurring issues and unique adversities can complicate recovery from trauma.

Faith, God's grace, commitment, and perseverance all contribute to overcoming trauma to live fulfilled lives.

Veterans Unchained is an anthology that shares stories of how 19 Military Women Veterans broke the chain of trauma one link at a time. It is their hope that these stories inspire others and help stop the 22-a-day military and Veteran suicides."


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Designer Jewelry

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    Women Veterans Advocate

    Autism Advocate

    Multi-generational Living

    Visualization Specialist


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