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 September 1, 2022

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Veterans Unchained Books

Book Description

Advance Praise for Veterans Unchained

Military service provides unique experiences for every member. For Many, these experiences provide a positive foundation for more learning, a successful career, lifelong friends, and a fulfilling life. Some horrific experiences, however, can leave a member with the debilitating impacts of trauma. Trauma is the leading cause of a daily average of 22 active duty and veteran suicides.

Nineteen woman with varying backgrounds came together in the book to describe their experiences and military trauma. Their wide-ranging stories describe how their trauma developed and influenced their lives. The objective of these articulate, sincere veterans' stories is to help provide rays of hope and steps toward healing and understanding. With healing and unserstanding comes the strength to look forward with the confidence to participate fully in the joys and challenges of life.

Nancy L. McDaniel

Colonel, MSC USAF, Retired

Author, "A sound Defense - Military Historical Sites of Puget Sound"

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