AL(i)...    [al-ee] 


1. a company brand that became her name;

    AL(i)... - Annette Lovejoy (i)...


1. AL(i) - started as Annette Lovejoy (i) magery   

    then rapidly changed into :

              Annette Lovejoy (i) nspired

                                            (i) inquisitive

                                            (i) ntence

                                            (i) nteractive

                                            (i) nventive

                                            (i) ncisive

                                            (i) ndepenant

                                            (i) ntuitive

                                            (i) ...

2. multifaceted, dodecahedron, fractal;

3. highly creative, research oriented with an emphasis

     in truth, physical evidence and scientific study ;

4.  adventurous; lives life to the fullest, curious about


5.  promotes holistic living, natural health & healing;

6. infectiously happy, ever changing to meet her high



7. realistic and yet highly optimistic;


8. fascinated by the most little things, she never stops

    learning loves to solve puzzles;

9. passionate and fluid; always in motion;


1. daughter, partner, mother, grandmother, sister,

    friend, advocate survivor, veteran, business owner, facilitator, teacher, public speaker, mentor, designer, philanthropist, photographer, civic leader and



1. disabled veteran, aviation mechanic, public speaker

    accomplished designer,multi medium & media artist,     award winning photographer, advocate/social                 worker, energy worker/healer, health, vitality &               wellness coach, retired doula;

business ownership

1. Inspiring ALi’s Heart

       a) an organization that intertwines AL(i)'s...passion,

            creativity, empathy and family projects;

            1) Inspiring ALi's Heart - Artisan Studio

                                                       Development Studio

                                                       Photo Gallery


             2. AL(i) - Annette Lovejoy (i)magery; 


                 a) natural/available light photographer     

                 2006 to present;

                 b) photo-journalistic, home studio;

                 c) favorite themes and style;





                     street art/community

                     portraits (of all types)





                    flora & fauna


             d) published magazine work 2009;

                   Pin Up Perfection Magazine

                  Issue 2 | Page 7 | MagCloud


            e) participates in various contest and challenges

            f) award winning photographer on



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